The Love Of Drawing

For some people the feel of a pencil hitting the paper is one of the moist soothing things that can happen. They instantly get satisfaction from it and they start moving that pencil around the paper to create drawings. It is what they think of in their head and ultimately make it sort of come to life in a drawing of some sort. Very few people though who are excellent at drawing actually become professional or make some money of it. They do it for the plain old love of it and don’t want to be pressured or make what they a love a job but rather keep it as a hobby.

The people who study drawing like to advance their skills and learn things like 3D architectural designs or animation drawing. Back in the day before computers did most of the drawing artists would literally draw up movies. They drew the pictures one after the other so that if someone flickers through the pages the picture would move and act like a movie reel. Disney, the movie company, is well known for that and has made billions of dollars by making animation movies that are aimed at children. Children love cartoons for some reason and it is probably because they go beyond reality and tap into their imagination. Kids who love drawing are well known to be artistic and detail, they are normally neat individuals. Their imagination seems to be higher than others and can translate what they are thinking better on with a drawing than most others. Most of the time the people who are good at drawing started from a very young age, these kids don’t necessarily have to start drawing away but they are very observant and try to understand the science of outlines and form of things and people.

They might not know how to do 3D architectural drawings yet but kids who started drawing from a young age would probably carry on drawing for the rest of their lives and often too. Since they are drawing so often they can practice their skills and fine tune any bad habits they have. It is said that for most artist, people only see 10% percent of their work and don’t get to see the other 90% because it was just early drafts of practice work.

Artist that develop this naturally are the lucky ones, as most people that it is natural talent but the ones that had to practice and adapt shouldn’t be ignored as they put in the long hours because they enjoyed what they do.

How Business Connections Can Become Smooth With Gifts?

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What is meaning of gift in life of common man?

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